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Get on the path you were born to follow...

I'm here to nurture your growth by making positive change in your life.
I'm a coach with a difference with an amazing tool available for Personal Harmony. After completing the questionnaire online you receive accurate in depth information on the exact actions you need to take to be free to be more you! I take you step by step through the program with questions, insights & the actions to take right now to change your life for the better.
Be on the right path to achieve your purpose with Personal Harmony Coaching and gain the knowledge, self awareness & actions to create a more fulfilling life.
Please browse through my website and do not hesitate with any questions x Minnie


About me...

I'm an accredited Personal Harmony Coach, Concomitant Healer, Spiritual Counselor & Parenting Coach on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia. I'm passionate about personal & spiritual growth and living a more fulfilling life.

After over 20 years developing my own growth & intensely studying the last 8 years I help people grow & create the life they were meant. I'm a single Mum with 3 teenagers that continue to push me to grow & become a better person.

I provide a safe & nurturing environment for people to make positive change in relationships, family & work life.

If you are ready to grow then I'd love to work with you.

Be adventurous, bold & free!   x Minnie Rose


 Personal Harmony

A complete program for self awareness & fulfilment


"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony” Gandhi

Personal Harmony Coaching will fast track your growth and set you on 'your' right path for the rest of your life! 

After completing a comprehensive questionnaire, you will receive step by step coaching to help you get to the core of your issues and uncover the blockers stopping you from achieving your best life. The questionnaires give you an evaluation with specific detail as to what actions you can take to grow in every area of your life – personal life, relationships & work.  

Personal Harmony Values form a solid foundation for a lifetime of ongoing learning and development resulting in a truer and more authentic you.​

You will learn to -

- apply honesty, accountability & equality in your relationships

- increase your self-belief, self-reliance & self-love

- have less judgment, ego & fear that cause anxiety and emotional pain

- stop negative patterns that repeat

share your energy to inspire & help others

-trust your intuition and make better choices for yourself

-be a leader and make positive change in the world

​Both programs, the Level 1 - 'My Personal Harmony' and Level 2 'Harmony with your Environment', set you up with everything you need to know about how to be the best person you can be. The work you do with them will allow you to get on the path to achieve all the success you are meant to in this lifetime.  

"If you have harmony, you have the opportunity to grow and be peaceful and content" Francis Bacon